"55%" dur="2s" repeatCount="indefinite" /> "65%" dur="2s" repeatCount="indefinite" /> path d="m250.724 954.448c-12.603 7.267 3.402 14.041 1.952 15.491-0.85 0.85-10.341 3.809-6.465 7.685 0.265 0.265 1.881 0.121 2.318 0.121 7.691 0 8.659-11.468 10.368-9.758 2.261 2.261 1.486 7.096 3.659 9.27 0.898 0.898 3.148 0.587 4.025 1.464 0.122 0.121 2.32 0.608 2.683 0.244 2.949-2.949-1.38-8.577-3.293-10.49-2.59-2.589 4.591-7.031 5.367-7.806 0.111-0.112-6.952-10.734-7.563-11.344-2.034-2.034-4.103 5.201-4.513 5.611-1.502 1.502-6.421-1.018-8.538-0.488z" id="path4011" class="s0"/> image/svg+xml image/svg+xml Cote d'Azur New Cerulean Londo Lazuli New Periopolis Novum Persarum Aegis Imperial Viridian Union Metropolis Daja Pasto Range Caerulus Antris Tentorahogo Raider's Pinnacle Nordwälder Chromehenge Snooland Midnight Marsh Viper's Peak Republic of Bezold Island of Warriors Pervinca Fort Iris Turquoise Moors Sapphire District Amethyst Cove Periwin Grove Kyanite Cove
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How to use the Interactive Chroma Map

Click on a territory to see it's description, name and a blue button below the UI box.

Click the button to be taken to reddit. If you are logged in, all you'll have to do is click "send" to move your troops. The message with a command will be prefilled, depending on territory you clicked!

The small box near the button is for choosing a sector. If it shows "0", the sector will not be specified in the prefilled message, and will be random. If you need to be in a specific sector, just input it into the box.

On the top of the UI box you will see a few buttons.

"Toggle Cities" will show or hide the non-interactive dots indicating major population centres of Chroma. Those are purely decorative, and if you don't want to see them, you can hide them with this button.

"Toggle Connections" will show or hide black lines that show land connections over sea. Lands sharing borders are always connecting.

"Toggle Names" will obviously toggle visibility of land names.

If land names are visible, you will also see a ">" button. Press it to show a menu with which you can change color and font-size of the names, in case you can't see them clearly!

Map Legend

CRIMSON lands belong to team Crimson.
EMERALD lands belong to team Emerald.
GRAY lands are neutral, and don't belong to any team yet.
CONTESTED lands will flash red or grey on top of it's owner's color. These are the lands that have a battle scheduled, which will take place in 24 hours or less. You should lead your troops there as fast as you can.
Map Text Changer